Pregnancy and postpartum health

If you find out you're pregnant, it's important to tell your doctor right away. Be sure to let WellSense know, too. The sooner you start getting care, the healthier your pregnancy will be. And the sooner we know, the more we can help.


Sunny Start program

Sunny Start helps moms and babies get the care they need during and after pregnancy. Depending on your WellSense plan, mothers may be eligible to receive:

  • Help with scheduling your doctor visits and transportation to your appointments
  • Access to a registered nurse skilled in caring for pregnant women and new babies. Read more about our care management program: Massachusetts | New Hampshire
  • Breastfeeding and other postpartum support
  • Free car seats, reimbursed childbirth training classes, a free box of diapers and more



Enroll in Sunny Start

To enroll in Sunny Start, just give us a call at:



During your pregnancy

Once you know you're pregnant, you'll want to immediately set up visits with a doctor (OB-GYN) or midwife. During these visits, your doctor will monitor your health and the health of baby. Some of the tests your doctor will do may include blood and urine tests to monitor your sugar levels and check for infections, as well as ultrasounds and other tests to check on you and baby.

Find a doctor
  • Search for a specific doctor or clinic
  • Search by specialty ("obstetrics" or "midwife")

Find a doctor

Find a doula (MassHealth members only)

Visit the MassHealth site to learn more about what doulas do, what doula services MassHealth covers, and how to find a MassHealth doula provider. 

MassHealth doula resources

Pregnancy support

For eligible* members of our MassHealth and New Hampshire Medicaid plans, WellSense helps get you to your scheduled healthcare services and back home.

Please notify us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to allow for enough time to handle your request.

Call 844-909-7433 to schedule your transportation assistance.

*To see if you qualify for this service, call us today:

When you’re pregnant, your whole health plays a part in the health of your baby. It’s important to seek help and treatment for any substance use disorders or any mental health needs you might have.

WellSense partners with Carelon Behavioral Health (Carelon) to support our members’ mental health and substance use needs.

How to contact Carelon:

Need help quitting smoking?
If you live in Massachusetts, ask your doctor to refer you to QuitWorks. For New Hampshire residents, QuitNow NH can help at 800-QUIT-NOW.

Free childbirth classes

WellSense members are eligible to receive a $65 reimbursement for childbirth classes. Submit your receipt and course completion certificate to receive your reimbursement, along with the reimbursement form:

Free car seats

Car seats play an important part in keeping your children safe while riding in a vehicle. As a WellSense Medicaid member, each child between 5-65 lbs. is eligible to receive one free infant/toddler seat and one booster seat per lifetime. Pregnant mothers can request a car seat 45 days prior to their due date.

To request your free car seat, call Member Services at 888-566-0010 (MA members) or 877-957-1300 (NH members).

Prenatal vitamins

  • For MassHealth and New Hampshire Medicaid members, prenatal vitamins are covered at $0 copay during pregnancy up to three months postpartum.
  • For Clarity plan members, prenatal vitamins are plan dependent. Ask your doctor for more information.

Prenatal visits can earn New Hampshire members $10 per visit (up to $100) on your OTC card. Complete this form and return to the email provided.

New Hampshire Medicaid members can earn a maximum of $250 in cash and non-cash goods and services each State fiscal year which runs from July 1 to June 30.

Guides and checklists

Free pregnancy apps


After your baby's birth (postpartum)

The weeks following childbirth are crucial for both mother and baby. Your postpartum follow-up appointment, covered under all WellSense Medicaid plans, is essential to monitoring your health.

Make sure you see your doctor between 1-12 weeks postpartum to ensure your body is healing properly and to discuss concerns ranging from emotional well-being to breastfeeding.

This visit also allows you to address any personal health challenges, such as postpartum depression, and to get guidance on post-pregnancy self-care, nutrition, exercise and family planning.


Postpartum support

Breast pumps

WellSense members who are pregnant or have recently given birth are eligible for a free breast pump. To order a breast pump, please use one of the following links:

    • Choose ‘with my insurance’ and select ‘WellSense Health Plan’ from the Insurance Provider dropdown
    • Enter your WellSense subscriber ID number and enter “0” for group number
    • After you select your desired pump, you’ll enter your shipping information and a photo of your WellSense member ID card. You’ll also need a copy of your prescription from your doctor, or your doctor’s contact information.
    • Insurance service phone number is 888-566-0010
    • MassHealth members: WellSense of MA (Medicaid)
    • Clarity and Qualified Health Plan members: WellSense of MA (Commercial)
    • New Hampshire members: WellSense of NH

New Hampshire Medicaid members have from the beginning of their pregnancy up to a year after delivery of their baby to place an order for their breast pump. Members living in Massachusetts can place their breast pump order at 28 weeks into their pregnancy or any time after.

Lactation consultants

WellSense offers lactation consultants for those who have recently given birth. These professionals provide guidance, answer questions and offer expert advice to ensure both mom and baby have the best possible breastfeeding experience.

WellSense covers lactation consultants at in-network providers. Ask your obstetrician (pregnancy doctor) or pediatrician (baby’s doctor) if they have lactation consultants available at their practice or hospital.

WIC guidance

If you’re a Medicaid member in need of assistance getting food, you may qualify for the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program. Reach out to our Member Services team to find out more.

You may also view the WIC website for your state: Massachusetts |  New Hampshire

Postpartum depression support

After childbirth, it's natural to expect feelings of joy. However, some new mothers may find themselves overwhelmed, sad and even hopeless. This isn't your fault, and it's more common than you think.

While the "baby blues" - feelings of being emotional and tired - are common and typically fade within a few weeks, postpartum depression lasts longer and is more intense. Its exact cause is uncertain, but hormonal changes, fatigue from new responsibilities and genetic factors might contribute.

It's vital to communicate with your doctor if you're feeling consistently low post-pregnancy. There are effective treatments for postpartum depression and resources available to guide you through recovery.

WellSense partners with Carelon Behavioral Health (Carelon) to help members with postpartum depression or other behavioral health issues. Carelon's job is to help you find the right doctor or therapist for your needs. Then, Carelon works with these providers to decide what kind of care is best for you.

Call Carelon Behavioral Health at the numbers below.
New Hampshire Medicaid855-834-5655
Clarity and Qualified Health Plans877-959-5600

Pelvic floor physical therapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy is a specialized form of therapy aimed at strengthening the pelvic muscles and alleviating postpartum symptoms. It helps women regain control, support and balance in the pelvic region. WellSense covers pelvic floor physical therapy for newly postpartum members.

Ask your doctor for in-network physical therapists near you.

If you are a WellSense Medicaid member who has delivered a baby and attends a postpartum visit within 1-12 weeks after delivery, you can get 1 box of free diapers* in a few simple steps:

  • Schedule a visit with your doctor or midwife for your postpartum visit between 1 and 12 weeks after giving birth.
  • Download this form and bring it to your doctor or midwife when you go to your postpartum visit and have them complete and sign it.
  • Choose a diaper size for your new baby and complete the member information on the form.
  • Mail the completed form to us at the address below or ask your doctor's office to fax the form to 617-951-3411.

Mailing address:

WellSense Health Plan

Attn: Quality PPV

529 Main Street, Suite 500

Charlestown, MA 02129


Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

*WellSense members must have delivered their baby and completed their postpartum checkup with their doctor or midwife within 1-12 weeks after delivery to be eligible to receive a free box of diapers from WellSense. You must be a WellSense Medicaid member at the time of your postpartum visit to receive a free box of diapers.

Lead exposure can have lasting effects on a child's health and development. It's important to get early lead screenings for babies to detect and manage any potential exposure promptly.

Lead screening is covered under WellSense plans, simply ask your child's doctor.

New Hampshire members can receive $50* for taking their newborns and children under 2 years old to get their lead screening. Have your child's doctor complete this form after the screening: Rewards Reimbursement Form

*New Hampshire Medicaid members can earn a maximum of $250 in cash and non-cash goods and services each State fiscal year which runs from July 1 to June 30.