Pharmacy information and resources

Access information and resources necessary for prescribing medications to WellSense members.

We use a number of pharmacy programs and tools to promote the safe and accurate use of medications.  To learn more, choose the member’s plan below.

More pharmacy resources

Prior authorizations

Submit a coverage review request for a medication that is not covered by our pharmacy program.

Pharmacy policies
Find detailed policies for individual drugs covered by WellSense health plan.

Prescription fulfillment

Members are able to fill prescriptions through a:

  • Retail pharmacy: Members can fill prescriptions at any pharmacy in the network. Utilize the links above to find retail pharmacies within the network.
  • Specialty pharmacy: Certain medications, like injectable and biotech drugs, must be obtained through a specialty pharmacy. 
  • Mail order pharmacy: Members can get a 3-month supply and save money on maintenance drugs by contacting our mail order pharmacy, Cornerstone Health Solutions, at 1-844-319-7588.