Specialty pharmacy

WellSense requires that some drugs be supplied by a specialty pharmacy. A specialty pharmacy provides drugs to members living with chronic health conditions, needing complex drug treatments. Examples of chronic health conditions include cancer, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, organ transplantation and rheumatoid arthritis.

Specialty Pharmacy Phone Fax
Cornerstone Health Solutions 844-319-7588 781-805-8221
Beth Israel Lahey Health Specialty Pharmacy 781-352-6600 781-352-6610
Boston Children's Pharmacy 617-919-5330 617-730-0143
Boston Medical Center Outpatient Pharmacy YACC 617-414-4883


East Boston Neighborhood Health Center Maverick Specialty Pharmacy 617-568-4781 617-568-4782
Tufts Medicine Pharmacy 866-918-6848 617-636-8090
Signature HealthCare Pharmacy 508-894-0399 508-894-0398
Southcoast Specialty Pharmacy 508-973-3320 or 833-338-1315 508-973-3325


Specialty drugs

Specialty drugs are more complex than most prescription drugs. Drugs are considered complex for a number of reason, including:

  • The way the drug is administered
  • The drugs side effects
  • The health condition the drug is used to treat

Click here to view the Specialty Drug List.

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