MassHealth redetermination

Beginning April 1, 2023, Medicaid eligibility redeterminations will resume.

This means MassHealth members are required to go through the redetermination process during the next 12 months, and each year moving forward, to determine if they are still eligible for Medicaid. The following resources are available to support providers and members through MassHealth redetermination.

Redetermination flyer

The redetermination flyer is available in multiple languages as either digital PDFs or printed flyers.

Please download and print for quick and easy access, or reach out to your assigned Provider Relations Consultant to request printed copies. In your request, specify the language(s), quantities and shipping address.

Redetermination provider letter

The redetermination provider letter is a resource for providers to send to their patients to notify them of the redetermination process.

MassHealth redetermination assistance

The following one-page document is a resource for ACO and MCO members requesting redetermination assistance.