MassHealth Medicaid

A health plan that fits your life.

MassHealth coverage provides benefits and extra resources for qualifying Massachusetts residents without monthly fees or deductibles. Your health always comes first.


Our plans include important benefits like:

  • Visits with a primary care provider (PCP) for routine care
  • Visits with specialists (doctors who have extra training in an area of medicine)
  • Behavioral health services, including crisis services
  • Emergency room services
  • Tobacco cessation and substance use disorder services
  • Eye exams (limitations apply)
  • Prescriptions for little or no cost
  • Home health services, including skilled nursing if you qualify
  • Preventive dental care (covered by MassHealth directly - learn more about your coverage and how to find a dentist at
  • Care Management program for those with asthma, diabetes, cancer, or other special health needs

The benefits above do not reflect all MassHealth benefits available through your plan. You must visit healthcare providers that partner with WellSense (also called in-network providers).

In addition, WellSense plans offer extra benefits including:


  • Free car and booster seats for kids
  • Free bike helmets for kids
  • Free dental kits
  • Free diapers
    Limitations may apply.


Support services
  • Pregnancy support
  • Text reminders
  • 24/7 nurse advice line
    Limitations may apply.


Fitness & wellness
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • WeightWatchers® reimbursement
  • Healthy cooking and nutrition classes
    Limitations may apply.

How WellSense MassHealth plans work

MassHealth is a Medicaid plan available to qualifying Massachusetts residents. MassHealth members don’t pay monthly fees or deductibles. Plus, depending on your age, income and health, you may not have to pay anything—or just a small fee—for your prescriptions.

Managed Care Organization (MCO)
We work with providers across the state to offer MassHealth to our members through our WellSense Essential MCO. The MCO has its own provider network that includes primary care providers, specialists, behavioral health providers, and hospitals.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)
We partner closely with key providers throughout the state to offer eight unique plans that provide coordinated care to our members. Membership in these plans is based on your primary care provider.

Find your path to health with a WellSense MassHealth plan

Large provider network
WellSense plans include a large provider network and no referrals for in-network specialists, as well as telehealth options.

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Pill Bottle
Comprehensive prescription drug coverage
Our plans cover thousands of medications at over 1,000 retail and mail-order pharmacies.

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Starting May 1, 2023, MassHealth will temporarily suspend (or pause) copays for all members. Copays for all drugs will be $0 for a period of time.

Please see the MassHealth Member Handbook and MassHealth Covered Services List for additional information, including which benefits, services and medications are covered or noncovered on our plan and any restrictions or guidelines we must follow before providing them. You can find doctors and hospitals in our network here, see our privacy policies, and learn how we make sure you get the right care at the right time with our Utilization Management policy.