WellSense Clarity plans

Offering the lowest-cost ConnectorCare plans in 2024!*

Our Qualified Health Plans and ConnectorCare plans have a new name!  Find your path to health with a WellSense Clarity plan. We offer the lowest-cost* plans for individuals and families available through the state health insurance marketplace, the Massachusetts Health Connector.


Offering the lowest-cost ConnectorCare plans in 2024!*

Choose a WellSense Clarity plan and get important benefits like:

  • Monthly premiums as low as $0
  • $0 preventive care visits
  • Specialist and hospital visits
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Behavioral health services 
  • Substance use disorder support
  • Telehealth appointments
  • Help treating chronic conditions
  • 24/7 nurse advice line

In addition, WellSense Clarity plans offer extra benefits including:


NEW! Mom's Meals
Starting in January 2024, get free shipping on Mom's Meals, a prepared food delivery service with medically sensitive options.
Fitness & wellness
$50 back on a fitness tracker or 25% back on gym memberships. Plus, 25% back on WeightWatchers® membership fees. Limitations may apply.
Discounts on eyewear
20% off prescription glasses and 15% off prescription contact lens fittings at participating providers. Limitations may apply.

Find your path to health with a WellSense Clarity plan

Provider network
WellSense Clarity plans require no referrals for in-network specialists and also include telehealth options.

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Prescription drug coverage
Our plans cover thousands of medications at over 1,000 retail and mail-order pharmacies.

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Benefits that fit you
Compare plan details including deductibles, annual max out-of-pocket amounts, copays and more to find a plan that meets your health needs.

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*WellSense Clarity ConnectorCare plans are the lowest-cost ConnectorCare plan in all of the regions that we serve. Please see the appropriate Evidence of Coverage and review Chapter 3 for Covered Services and additional information, including which benefits, services and medications are covered or noncovered on our plan and any restrictions or guidelines we must follow before providing them.