Granite Advantage Health Care Program

NHHPP Changes

On January 1, 2019, the Granite Advantage Health Care Program will replace New Hampshire’s Health Protection Program (NHHPP). Learn more about this new program. This does not mean you are losing your coverage. All current NHHPP members will receive coverage from one of the state’s Medicaid Care Management plans. Well Sense is one of these Medicaid Care Management plans.

Community Engagement will be a requirement for continued eligibility in Granite Advantage, unless you are exempt. Medically frail members are not automatically exempt from Community Engagement. For more information on who is exempt and what activities help meet the requirement, please see the NH EASY website.

To learn more about Granite Advantage, visit the Granite Advantage FAQs.

To learn more about Well Sense plan offerings, visit our benefits page to see what’s covered.