Getting Started

Follow these 4 simple steps

And you’re set to see a doctor, fill a prescription or get emergency care.

1. Pick a doctor

Choose a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to be your primary care provider for all your routine care.

Once you choose a primary care provider, call us or log in to your account to let us know who you picked.

2. See if your medications are covered and what they cost

We cover thousands of medications. See if your medications are covered.

3. See what's covered and your extra benefits

Learn how to take full advantage of your plan benefits — including your extra benefits.

4. Put your ID card in your wallet

You should have received an ID card in the mail. If you didn't receive your ID card, please call us You can also log in to your account to order a new ID card. Remember to bring your ID card to all of your doctors' appointments and whenever you pick up prescriptions.

Reference the Quick Start Guide for tips on getting started with your WellSense membership!

Good Practice

If you are not feeling well and your primary care physician (PCP) is unable to see you, their office may have other doctors or nurses on call for these situations. This can be helpful in times that are not emergencies, but need attention before your PCP is available. You can also call our Nurse Advice Line (866-763-4829). Nurses are available around the clock to answer your health questions and possibly save you a trip to the hospital or emergency room.