Your extras

As a WellSense MassHealth ACO or MCO member, you may qualify for these additional benefits. Limitations and eligibility requirements may apply. 

Extras for the family

Bike helmets
WellSense offers free bike helmets to children enrolled in MassHealth up to 17 years old. Please have the child’s head measurement in inches ready when requesting.
Car and booster seats

As a WellSense member, each child between 5-65 lbs. can receive an infant seat once per lifetime. When your child is between the ages of 4-8 years old, they are eligible for a booster seat, which we will send to replace the infant seat, once requested.

Dental kits
Dental kits are available to WellSense members from age 4 to 65. Kits include a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Each qualifying member is eligible to receive one dental kit every year. 

Extras for pregnancy and postpartum

Support available during and after pregnancy
Sunny Start offers benefits for parents throughout the course of their pregnancy and postpartum period, such as childbirth class reimbursements, help getting breast pumps at no charge, and guidance on signing up for services like WIC.

Learn more about Sunny Start

Diapers for new moms

WellSense members who have delivered a baby and have a postpartum visit within 1-12 weeks after delivery are eligible for free diapers.

Diaper form: English | Spanish

Extras for fitness and wellness

Get up to $200 back for joining a health club

After being an enrolled member for three months, and participating with a qualifying health club for three months of the calendar year you can get up to $200 back (per family).

What is a qualifying health club?
A qualifying health club must offer both cardiovascular and strength-training exercise equipment. Typically, this includes:

  • Traditional health and fitness clubs
  • YMCA or YWCAs
  • Jewish community centers

What clubs don't qualify?

  • Martial arts centers
  • Tennis-only or pool-only facilities
  • Gymnastics facilities
  • Country clubs
  • Social clubs
  • Sports teams or leagues
  • Personal training

Reimbursement form: English | Spanish

WeightWatchers® reimbursement

Get up to $100 back per calendar year (per family) on your WeightWatchers® membership fees.

Reimbursement form: English | Spanish