MassHealth Medicaid

MassHealth is a Medicaid plan available to qualifying Massachusetts residents. MassHealth members don’t pay monthly fees or deductibles. Plus, depending on your age, income and health, you may not have to pay anything—or just a small fee—for your prescriptions. Click your plan name below to view member materials, find a provider, search our drug list and more.

If you don’t know the name of your plan you can find it listed on your health insurance ID card. If you did not receive one or if you’ve misplaced it, please call Member Services at 888-566-0010.

Managed Care Organization (MCO)
We work with providers across the state to offer MassHealth to our members through our WellSense Essential MCO. The MCO has its own provider network that includes primary care providers, specialists, behavioral health providers, and hospitals. To receive care with this plan, you must pick a primary care provider within the MCO’s network and live in the same service areas covered by the MCO. This makes it easier to get care and stay connected with your provider.

Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)

An ACO is a partnership between doctors, hospitals, and a health plan to bring you more coordinated care. We partner closely with key providers throughout the state to offer eight unique plans that provide coordinated care to our members. All ACOs provide the same MassHealth benefits. This includes free preventive care, specialist visits, prescription drug coverage, and mental health support.

Qualify for MassHealth and you can:

  • See a doctor who will help coordinate all of your healthcare
  • See specialists (doctors with extra training in an area of medicine, such as cardiology, dermatology, or pediatrics)*
  • Have 24/7 access to speak with a nurse about your health questions
  • Get coverage for hospital treatments
  • Get prescriptions covered at your local pharmacy
  • Get access to behavioral health (mental health and substance use disorder) services
  • Get a routine eye exam*
  • Get extra help for special conditions such as asthma and diabetes

WellSense MassHealth members get extra benefits**:

  • FREE child car seats and booster seats
  • FREE bike helmets for kids
  • FREE dental kits, including a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss for members ages 4 and up
  • Up to $100 back for participating in WW® (formerly known as Weight Watchers®) and $200 back for membership at a qualifying health club

WellSense CarePlus members get**:

  • FREE dental kits, including a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
  • Up to $200 back to help pay for qualifying gym memberships
  • Up to $100 back to help pay for WW® (formerly Weight Watchers®) each year


Starting May 1, 2023, MassHealth will temporarily suspend (or pause) copays for all members. Copays for all drugs will be $0 for a period of time.