Training and Support

Tools and resources for providers and their staff to better understand our policies and procedures, how to get paid most efficiently, and administering coverage and care to WellSense members.


WellSense offers training and education for providers and their staff on our policies and procedures, how to get paid most efficiently, and the ways we support providers in delivering the highest quality care to patients. If you have missed our training sessions and are interested in learning more about working with us and our members, please contact us and provide your name, organization and phone number, and we will contact you for an orientation.

Provider Portal Training

Provider Registration Process
Learn how to register for a Well Sense Health Plan HealthTrio account.

Portal Overview and Basic Functionality
Gain an understanding of the portal's basic functionality, including checking member eligibility and claim status.

Claim Submission
Learn the steps for submitting a claim through the portal.

Request for Claim Review, Appeals / Corrected Claims / Credit Balance
Learn how to use the Request for Claim Review Form for all EDI claim corrections and claim re-adjudication requests.

Office Management
Learn how to revalidate account users and add, remove or modify users.

Prior Authorizations
Use this training aid to submit prior auths online.

Manage Member Information
Learn how to update various member data online.

Provider Portal Registration Tutorial
Learn how to register for a WellSense provider account in our new HealthTrio portal.

Provider Portal Eligibility Tutorial
Learn how to check member eligibility in our provider portal.

Provider Portal Claims Tutorial

Learn how to view the status of a claim, search for a remittance advice, and submit claims manually.

Provider Portal Prior Authorization Tutorial

Learn how to submit prior authorization requests and check the status of your requests.

Cultural Competency

Enhancing your communication skills helps you to provide quality care to all your patients regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. The resources below can help you assess and improve your cultural competency.

  • Cultural Competency Training - A free, online educational program accredited for physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. A training program is also available for nurses and social workers.
  • New National CLAS Standards - An implementation guide from the Office of Minority Health to help you advance health equity and quality for all cultures within your practice or healthcare organization.

Provider Relations Support

All contracted providers have a dedicated Provider Relations Consultant to help them and their associates (ancillary providers, clinicians, vendors, administrative staffs, hospital staffs, and health center staffs) navigate our system, and understand our policies and procedures. Your Provider Relations Consultant will:

  • Respond promptly to your questions and concerns
  • Provide ongoing education and support
  • Serve as your point of contact with WellSense
  • Create reports at your request (for example, inpatient census reports, member panel reports, emergency department utilization reports, and ad hoc data requests)
  • Help you determine which services are covered and/or require prior authorization
  • Work with you to correct claims

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