Enroll in a MassHealth plan

Do you want to become a WellSense Health Plan member and put your health first? Follow the steps below to enroll yourself or your family into a MassHealth plan. 



Select your plan

Already a MassHealth member and want to change plans?

  1. Confirm that we have a plan in your area 
  2. Select a WellSense plan online or by calling MassHealth at 800-841-2900.

If you don't select a MassHealth health plan within 14 days of the date on your enrollment package letter, the state will automatically assign you to a health plan.



How to apply

See if you're eligible for MassHealth.

Important notes

  • MassHealth members that are enrolled in a WellSense Health Plan (and members of all other MassHealth managed care plans) may select a plan during the Plan Selection Period. This is a 90-day time period when you can shop and change your managed care plan.
  • When the 90 days is up, you will enter a Fixed Enrollment Period. During this time you will need to stay with the plan you are in until the next Plan Selection Period. MassHealth has a few exceptions to this policy.
  • For questions or more information on MassHealth eligibility rules and your health plan options, call the MassHealth Customer Service Center at 800-841-2900 (TTY 800-497-4648), Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.