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Video Transcript

LISABRITT SOLSKY (WELL SENSE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) - “What we try really hard to do here at Well Sense is to keep the New Hampshire expectations on the forefront. We want to be innovative and creative in in how we meet the needs of the state and our members. The nature of our membership requires just a little bit more of that kind of community based connection.”

BETH GROSS SANTOS (GATHER FOOD PANTRY, PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE) - “ Gather and Well Sense both have great goals of feeding the children in the Seacoast and also teaching them good habits for eating and making good food choices and so that’s why were a wonderful collaboration”

LISABRITT SOLSKY (WELL SENSE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) -“We have a lot more connection to community service agencies that touch our members in an effort to really do whole person care. We want to look at the whole person and how all of their needs fit together and feed off of one another.”

BRENDA GUGGISBERG (THE UPPER ROOM COORDINATOR, DERRY, NH) -“So Well Sense has been a wonderful partner to the Upper Room. Over the last several years, they have helped us in a variety of ways supporting families, our most vulnerable families and individuals. This event in particular they are offering support around their services to anyone interested and they are also offering face painting which is really fun, the kids love that. There’s already a line.”

LISABRITT SOLSKY (WELL SENSE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) -“Our staff are incredibly empathetic in working with our members to meet them where they are. Not just physically where they are, say in the community, but also you know emotionally and otherwise where they are and to honor who they are at this moment in time and to help them to be their best and healthiest selves.”

MELLISSA BELANGER (WELL SENSE NURSE CARE MANAGER) - “I work with an amazing team. I work with social workers who literally have worked with a member on a Friday night at 4 p.m. when they called and they said they had no place to stay, and she is pregnant and has a two-and-a-half year old, and her husband literally on the streets, and she helped get them in a place for the weekend, and they had housing that next week.”

FLOR D’LIZ GOMEZ (WELL SENSE CUSTOMER CARE ADVOCATE) - “Working here is like a family. I think that’s very important to say. You feel very welcomed from day one and I hope to be here for a very, very long time.”

CAROL IACOPINO (WELL SENSE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS) - “ Looking towards the end of my career in the next ten years and I feel that I’ve really ended up at a wonderful place that’s brought it all full circle for me where I can really do my best work.”

FLOR D’LIZ GOMEZ (WELL SENSE CUSTOMER CARE ADVOCATE) - “I enjoy helping people and kind of making things a little bit easier for people that probably don’t have other people helping them, so if I can be that person I want to be that person.”

MELLISSA BELANGER (WELL SENSE NURSE CARE MANAGER) - “It’s rewarding for me and you have to be able to help people. It’s a nursing thing.”