Bike Helmets – At No Cost to You

Well Sense offers bike helmets to enrolled children up to 17 years old. When requesting a bike helmet, please have the child's head size in inches. The most accurate way to measure your child's head is by using a tape measure. Each child member is eligible for each size, until they have reached the largest size.

Head Size (inches)

Helmet Size 

20 - 21 inches (or 50.80 - 53.34 cm) Extra Small
21.50 - 22.50 inches (or 54.61 - 57.15 cm) Small / Medium 
22.75 - 24.50 inches (or 57.78 - 62.23 cm) Large / Extra Large 

Did You Know?

  • New Hampshire state law requires children under 15 years old to wear a helmet when riding a bike
  • The state of New Hampshire requires parents of those too young to make informed judgements about safety to ensure helmet use
    • Parents — lead by example, and wear a helmet!
  • Bicycle foam decreases the movement of the brain if an accident occurs
  • Safe cyclists wear a helmet every time they go biking

Call the Well Sense Member Services Department at 877-957-1300 to request your bike helmet – at no cost to you.