What's Covered?

As a Member of Well Sense You Receive*

Your benefits available under Medicaid:

  • Visits with a doctor for your routine healthcare
  • Visits with specialists (doctors who have extra training in an area of medicine)
  • Emergency room visits in an emergency
  • Screenings for diabetes, allergies, heart disease, etc.
  • Access to mental health and substance abuse services
  • Routine eye exam every 12 months
  • Prescriptions for little or no cost
  • Substance use treatment
  • Non-emergency transportation to your medical appointments (check your Member Handbook for details and download the reimbursement form)

And extra benefits:

  • New for 2019! Healthy Rewards card to buy drugstore items
  • Extras like dental kits, bike helmets, diapers, and car seats
  • Money back for gym memberships and Weight Watchers® reimbursements
  • Mobile app to access your personal health information and mobile ID card

*There are some restrictions and certain services or doctor visits will need prior written approval before they will be covered. For additional information see the links below.

Plan Documents
Standard Medicaid

Member Handbook (includes Covered and Excluded Services in Chapter 4)

Member Handbook - Spanish


**We're always working to improve the quality of our services for members. If you're interested in learning more, you can read our Quality Improvement Work Plan Evaluation. You can also read our EPSDT Program Plan to learn more about our early and periodic screening, diagnostic and treatment program for children under age 21.

Flu Season is Here

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Flu season is here, and it's time to get your flu shot! Remember, the flu is caused by a virus so if you do get it, antibiotics won't help.

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Translation Services Available

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Do you need help interpreting something in another language? We can help! Call us at 877-957-1300.

Dental Kits, Bike Helmets and More for Members

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Check out our extra benefits for Well Sense members! Some age and frequency limitations may apply.

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Health Texting


Stay on top of your health with our text messaging program. Receive reminders and wellness tips straight to your phone.

If you have Medicaid, you may even be eligible for a smartphone, at no cost to you, through the Lifeline program.

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