Renew Your Coverage

You might have received a pink letter in the mail from the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) with information on how to complete your redetermination. Redetermination is how the state checks to see if you still qualify for benefits like your health insurance.


Update your information online

The quickest way to renew your coverage is online with NH EASY. Simply log into your NH EASYaccount today and update your information or submit the paperwork requested. If you don’t already have an account you can create one here.

Make sure you update your account on NH EASY before the federal government’s public health emergency ends. If you do not, you could lose your medical benefits. Right now, the public health emergency protects you from losing your health insurance coverage. This protection will only last at least until the public health emergency ends.

Update your account as soon as possible. This way you will avoid long wait times during the review process when the public health emergency ends. If you have any questions, please call NH DHHS at 1-603-271-9700.