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Introducing WellSense

Our name is changing, our commitment to you and the care you need is not.

This spring, Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan began the process of changing our name to WellSense Health Plan. Along with our name, we’ll be making other exciting changes, but if you are a member, your current plan and benefits will remain the same.


What this does this mean for me?

  • Our name and logo is changing. Stay alert and look for communications from WellSense.
  • Our website has been redesigned and reorganized. You will need to select your plan to find your information.
  • Our identity in the community and on social media will be changing. Follow us to keep up to date.
  • Our name change will be in transition through the end of 2022. You may still see some letters or materials that are from Boston Medical Center HealthNet Plan. Some of our phone systems may also still use that name, but we are all one company.


Your Coverage Is Not Changing

All that will be changing is the name of your health plan. Your benefits are not changing, and the benefits available on each plan remain the same. Our existing provider networks are also not changing. When you call us, you will be talking to the same dedicated customer service team.


Welcome to WellSense!

Thank you for being a member of the WellSense Health Plan and for your patience as we go through this transition

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us