Pregnancy: Schedule of Visits

Schedule of Visits

Once you have had a positive pregnancy test, you need to schedule visits right away with your providers. A team of providers will care for you during and after your pregnancy. Take a look at the schedule of visits you should get during your pregnancy:

Remember: write down any questions you have and bring them to your visits.

Your First Visit (please allow 1-2 hours)

You should set up your first visit as soon as you find out you’re pregnant. 

You will meet with a nurse and/or social worker who will:

  • Talk with you about your pregnancy and what kind of labor and delivery you would like.
  • Talk with you about your overall health.
  • Talk with you about your past or current medical concerns.
  • Arrange for you to get prenatal vitamins. These are good for your health while you are pregnant.  They also may help prevent birth defects in your baby.
  • Set up a visit with an obstetrician (a doctor who delivers babies; this may be an OB/GYN or a family doctor), nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner.
  • Arrange for lab tests that will check your urine and blood. This is an important part of the care you get during pregnancy.
  • Help you learn about a healthy pregnancy.

Visit With a Social Worker or Outreach Advocate (within two weeks of your first visit if needed)

The social worker or outreach advocate will:

  • Ask about where you live, and put you in touch with someone who can help if you need to find housing.
  • Ask about any problems with your family, your spouse or your partner (and get you help if you need it).
  • Ask about your need for child care and talk about your child care options. Remember, it is important to plan your child care needs at the start of your pregnancy.
  • Put you in touch with someone at Well Sense or at your doctor's office who can help you get to and from your prenatal visits. It is important that you come to all your prenatal visits. We can help!
  • Help with staying in school. If you are a student, the social worker can help you stay in school during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.
  • Put you in touch with one of Well Sense's Community Resource counselors, who may be able to get you help paying for rent or fuel, or help you get food stamps.

Visit With a Nutritionist (within two weeks of your first visit)

A nutritionist is someone who teaches you how to eat right while you are pregnant. The nutritionist will talk to you about:

  • How much weight you can expect to gain during your pregnancy.
  • The kinds of foods you should eat.
  • The kinds of foods that your baby needs.
  • The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, which can provide your family with healthy food.

Note: This is a good time to ask questions about what foods are best for your health and your baby's health.

Remember: The nutritionist can direct you to a food pantry in your area where you can get certain kinds of food.

Your Second Doctor Visit (please allow one hour)

This visit will be one or two weeks after the first one. You will meet for the first time with your obstetrician, nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner. If you are at least 12 weeks pregnant, your visit will be scheduled as soon as possible.

Your doctor will:

  • Talk with you about your pregnancy.
  • Give you a complete physical exam, including a pelvic exam.
  • Do a pap smear and check for any infection.
  • Talk to you about what will happen at your next visit.
  • Talk to you about any other services that may be helpful to you.

Your Follow-up Visits

After your first visit with your provider, your visits will be once a month until you reach the 32nd week of pregnancy. Then you will need to see your provider every two weeks until the 36th week of pregnancy. After that, you will see your provider once a week until your baby is born.

If you can't make it to a provider visit, call the provider office to let them know.  Please give at least 24 hours’ notice. They will schedule another visit for you. Any time you call or come for a visit, be sure to tell the office staff you are pregnant. Every prenatal visit is important for your health and your baby’s health. Please come to every prenatal visit!

Once your baby is born, you need to go to your postpartum visit. A postpartum visit is also called a new mom checkup.