Keep Your Kids Healthy

Raising a young child is a lot of work. We know it's easy to fall behind on regular health check-ups, especially when your child seems healthy. But even children who are doing well should see their doctor or primary care provider (PCP) once a year to make sure they're growing and developing the way they should. A doctor who knows your child well is more likely to catch health problems early.

Why take your child for a check-up once a year?

  • You can continue or catch up on your child's vaccinations. Use this schedule as a reference.
  • To ask questions about common concerns like sleeping, eating, screen times, toilet training, activities and social behaviors.
  • To get your child important screenings for things like hearing, vision, lead exposure, and attention or learning difficulties.
  • To check on your child's dental health, and get a referral to a dentist if needed.
  • To build a good relationship with your child's PCP.

Call your child's PCP today to schedule a yearly check-up

Your child's yearly check-up is at no cost to you, and Well Sense Health Plan can provide rides to and from the visit if you need it. We can also help you find a PCP for your child. Visit our provider directory, or call us at 877-957-1300 to learn more.

Child Health Resources for Parents

Laughing Boy with Parents

Keep your child on track with tips on child development and safety, and learn what to expect at each yearly check-up.

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Diapers for New Moms

baby in diaper

Members who have delivered a baby and had a postpartum visit within 1-12 weeks after delivery can get diapers at no cost to them.

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