Diabetes Education

Diabetes Monitor

Types of Diabetes

Learn about the three types of diabetes, and basic instructions about managing each type.

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Living Well With Diabetes

You can live a normal life with diabetes if you take steps to keep yourself healthy.

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Manage Your Medication

It is important to take your diabetes medications exactly as prescribed by your doctor to keep your blood sugar in the normal range.

Blood Pressure

Important Numbers to Know

View the list of important numbers to stay on top of along with your target results.

What Can Care Management Do For You?

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Work with your Well Sense Care Manager to learn how to manage your diabetes. Our Care Management Program is offered at no cost to our members, and it’s just a phone call away. Call 1-855-833-8119 to see if you or your family members are eligible for this program.

Care Management

Provider Toolbox

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Providers: View tools to help you care for your diabetic patients.