Spot Healthcare Kickbacks

Do You Know How to Spot Healthcare Kickbacks?

When a doctor or healthcare provider gives cash or anything of value as a way to tempt a patient to see a certain provider or get certain services, this is a kickback. It is illegal for providers to give or receive kickbacks. This doesn’t apply to items of little value, like a pen or a coloring book.

Here are some examples of possible kickbacks:

  • Your provider’s office offers you a $20 gift certificate if you refer three friends
  • Your child is given a free movie ticket during every well visit exam
  • You find out your doctor will only refer you to a specific lab for blood work because he or she receives $10 for every patient sent
  • Your provider’s office offers to pay your transportation and give you breakfast if you agree to have testing done

You can report kickbacks to us one of the following ways:

  • Call the Fraud Hotline: 888-411-4959
  • Email:
  • FAX: 866-750-0947
  • Mail:

    Well Sense Health Plan
    ATTN: Special Investigations
    Unit 1155 Elm Street, Suite 600
    Manchester, NH 03101