Give Your Doctors the Full Picture

Give Your Healthcare Providers the Full Picture

No one knows your health better than you do. To get the best care possible, tell your primary care provider (PCP) all of the medications you take, the specialists you see, and any health issues you may have. It’s important for your PCP to speak with your specialists or other healthcare providers so that they can work together to better manage your care. This will help them:

  • Understand all of your health needs and choose the best treatment for you
  • Prescribe the best medicine for you based on other medicines you take or health issues you have

How Do I Allow My Healthcare Providers to Communicate?

Ask your provider today. You may need to fill out a form to legally allow each of your providers to discuss your treatment with other providers. Sometimes, your providers may need to discuss your care without your permission.

This could happen if:

  • You are unconscious or unable to make choices for yourself
  • You are in danger of hurting yourself or others