When to Visit Your Doctor

When to Visit the Doctor

It’s important for you and your children to go to your doctor’s appointments even if you feel healthy. You will never have to pay for a check-up. If you haven’t seen your doctor within the last year, call their office today to make an appointment.

Children should visit the doctor for a check-up once a year. Children under two should visit the doctor more often to get all of the vaccines and screenings they need. Here are some screenings that the doctor may do at your child’s check-up:

  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Anemia and lead poisoning
  • Behavior and social skills

Regularly visiting the doctor at an early age will help your child stay healthy!

Not Sure Where to Go When You're Feeling Sick?

If you feel sick while your doctor’s office is closed – even at night or on weekends – you can still get help and advice from your doctor. Your doctor’s office will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help you decide what to do.

You may be able to get an appointment to see a doctor the next day. Some doctor’s offices may have an urgent care clinic you can go to if you need help right away. And if you’re injured or feel very sick, your doctor’s office can help you decide if you need to go to the emergency room.

Also, call our Nurse Advice Line if you need advice about symptoms or an injury. Our nurses are available 24/7 to answer your health-related questions.