Get Follow-Up Care After Mental Health or Substance Abuse Hospitalization

A hospital stay helps stabilize your mental health, but follow-up care will help keep you out of the hospital. If you stay at the hospital for a mental health or substance abuse problem, make a follow-up visit with your therapist within one week after you leave the hospital. At the visit your therapist will:

  • Work with you to make a plan moving forward
  • Help you make a smooth return to your daily life 
  • Make sure that your medications are working for you

You should also tell your medical doctor about your hospital stay. Your doctor needs to know about any treatment you have. If you sign a consent form in the hospital, the hospital will tell your doctor.

Need help making behavioral health appointments?

Call our behavioral health support team, Beacon Health Strategies, if you need help making a behavioral health or psychiatry appointment. They can help you find counselors who speak your language or offices that are handicapped-accessible.

If you need care for an emergency medical, mental health, or substance abuse problem, call 911 or go right to the nearest emergency room.