Pharmacy Information and Resources

Access information and resources necessary for prescribing medications to WellSense members.


Check Drug Coverage

Before prescribing a prescription or over-the-counter medication, check the Formulary to make sure it’s covered by our plan.

If the Drug List shows that a medication has limitations, you can learn more about them in the WellSense Medication Guide Book.

Prescription Fulfillment

WellSense Health Plan Members can fill prescriptions at retail pharmacies throughout New Hampshire.

Specialty pharmacy: Certain injectables and biotech drugs must be obtained through our specialty pharmacy network. Our preferred specialty pharmacies are Cornerstone Health Solutions and Accredo. Learn more about our Specialty Pharmacy Program.

Mail order pharmacy: Members can get a 3-month supply of maintenance drugs delivered to their home and save money by contacting our mail order pharmacy, Cornerstone Health Solutions, at 844-319-7588.

Community Mental Health Center Providers Only

Prior Authorization requirements for Behavioral Health Medications for CMHC providers in NH:

Explore information and resources about prescribing medications to our members. (4)

Information and resources