COVID-19 Resources

We recognize that providers and medical professionals are making tremendous sacrifices to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for your continued commitment to our members and communities.

We are honored to be partnered with you during this time and are working internally to ensure that you have the support you need from us as a health plan. This page contains the most up-to-date information around our policies and coverage relating to COVID-19. We will update this page as information evolves.

DHHS has released a series of notices that apply to all MCOs during the COVID-19 Public Health State of Emergency.

See all DHHS Special Notices here

During this pandemic, self-care for health care workers is essential. Many organizations and businesses are offering free or discounted services for hospital and health care workers across the state. We recommend searching online for local opportunities geared towards health care professionals in your area as many acts of good will are being shared statewide. Below are a few examples that you and your team members may benefit from:

  • Health care workers self-care during COVID-19
  • Headspace: Currently free for healthcare providers with NPI#
  • Ten Percent Happier App: Currently free for healthcare professionals. To claim your complimentary subscription you will redeem the gift code (HEALTHCARE) on their website. Then log into the mobile app on your Apple or Android device using the same account and all the subscription contents of the app will be unlocked. Alternatively, just go to their Coronavirus Sanity Guide to access relevant free content/resources without creating an account. 
  • Free or discounted meals from area restaurants: See lists at Newsday or Delish.