When you join the WellSense Senior Care Options (HMO SNP), you will get access to a skilled team of professionals who work with you to address not only your healthcare needs, but also social needs that make it harder to stay healthy (e.g., a lack of heating or stable housing).

  • Your primary care physician (PCP) is the center of your healthcare and will keep your health records and adjust your care as they get to know your health needs.
  • Any specialists that you see will receive access to your health records and work with your PCP to develop care options for you.
  • Your PCP will work closely with the care team, including a care coordinator that will help you understand and choose support services available to you in the community.
  • A social worker may also be assigned to you to help advocate for your needs.

Everyone on your care team works together to make sure your care is coordinated. This means that they make sure that you get all of the tests, labs and other care that you need, and the results are shared with the doctors who need to see them. It also means that your PCP should know all medicines you take in order to reduce any negative effects. Your PCP will always get your permission before sharing your medical information with other providers.