Compare 2023 ConnectorCare Plans

The Massachusetts Health Connector will tell you the ConnectorCare plan you have been assigned to based on the information that you submitted.

The chart below is a quick reference guide of what's covered under each plan. Click on your plan name for more information.

Plan Name Annual Deductible
Individual / Family
Annual Max Out-of-Pocket
Individual / Family
Office Visits
per visit
Tiers 1/2/3
(30-day supply)
(waived if admitted)
Inpatient Hospitalization
(per admission)
ConnectorCare Plan Type I $0/$0 $0/$0

$0/$0 $1/$3.65/$3.65 $0 $0
ConnectorCare Plan Type II $0/$0 $750/$1,500

$0/$18 $10/$20/$40 $50 per visit $50 per visit
ConnectorCare Plan Type III $0/$0 $1,500/$3,000

$0/$22 $12.50/$25/$50 $100 per visit $250 per visit

All preventive services are covered in full.


*Please see the current year's ConnectorCare Evidence of Coverage and Schedule of Benefits for additional information, including which benefits, services and medications are covered or noncovered on our plan and any restrictions or guidelines we must follow before providing them. You can find doctors and hospitals in our network here see our privacy practices, and learn how we make sure you get the right care at the right time with our Utilization Management policy.