Keep Your Doctors In The Loop

PCP Center of Care GraphicYou are one of the best resources for your primary care provider (PCP). You can get the best care from your doctors if you are open with them about the medicines you take, the specialists you see, and any health issues you have. This will help your healthcare providers understand your health needs, find the best treatment for you, and make sure you have the right medicine. It can also make it easier and faster for you to get care.

You can allow your PCP to discuss your care with your specialists or Behavioral Health providers. At your next appointment, ask your PCP how you can allow all of your healthcare providers to talk to each other. You may need to sign a Release of Information form. It’s your choice to share your health information, but your healthcare providers may discuss your care without your permission if you are ever unconscious and unable to make decisions for yourself, or if you are in danger of hurting yourself or others.