Medical Identity Theft

Keep Your Medical Identity Safe

To prevent medical identity theft, don’t share your Well Sense Health Plan or Medicaid ID card with other people. Keep your cards with you in a safe place, like your wallet, when you bring them to doctors’ visits or the pharmacy. If you knowingly share your medical ID cards, you could lose your health coverage in the future or be legally investigated, and this could prevent you from getting the care or medicine you need.

If you think you’re the victim of medical identity theft, you should call us and your local law enforcement to file a complaint. We can send you a new Member ID card and cancel your old card number. We can go through your services to make sure you weren’t billed for a service you didn’t receive. We can also provide you with a list of resources to contact, including the Federal Trade Commission, which is the country’s consumer protection agency.

If you have any questions about medical identity theft or using your Member ID card, please call our Member Services Department.