Summer 2016

HPV vaccine

HPV Vaccines

Talk with your child's PCP about protecting your child from HPV.


Waiting for Care

All doctors in our network must meet guidelines for how quickly they give you care.

PCP Center of Care

Sharing Information

You can allow your PCP to discuss your care with your specialists or Behavioral Health providers.

child checkup

Visiting Your Doctor

You and your family should visit your PCP for a check-up every year, even if you feel healthy.

stethoscope laptop

Prior Authorization

You may need approval for certain procedures, medicines, or visits to doctors who are outside of our network.

Grace4Haiti Volunteering

Volunteering in Haiti

Well Sense employees recently traveled to Haiti and volunteered at a clinic providing health care to those in need.

Medical Identity

Medical Identity Theft

To prevent medical identity theft, keep your member ID card in a safe place and never share it with others.

Dental Kits, Bike Helmets and More for Members

member extras ws yellow

Check out our extra benefits for Well Sense members! Some age and frequency limitations may apply.

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